Real-Time HD Video streaming (under development)

Real-Time HD Video streaming (under development)

The Real-Time HD Video streaming (MCTV) is an innovative and unique method of real-time video/ data transfer  Streaming from any location over cellular UMTS (3G) and/ or LTE (4G) networks to an IP recipient, anytime, anywhere.

No interim server is required and information is passed direct to PC/ server (IP) at destination point
where data can be visualised in real time, stored and replayed.

Body worn or vehicle mounted and can work with ANY WI-FI camera/PTZ or with cable connection.

  • Provides online streaming with a transfer rate of 2.8Mbps via 4 channels
  • works with continuous connectivity and is able to function with failsafe fallbacks to 3ch, 2ch, 1ch (based on conditions).
  • Smart channels refresh themselves automatically after connectivity crash.
  • Small sized unit of 440grm, small dimensions
  • 9000Mah battery providing 24hrs standby, 8 hrs periodic work, 3 hours continuous streaming
  • 12V/24V  car battery charger and wall charger adaptor
* Optional IP67/ IP68 case for harsh environments

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